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We are group of sportsmen including coaches who like to promote archery sports games among Malaysian. Hope to raise the standard & lift the spirit of archery sportsmanship alive in Malaysia! Any archery sportsman are welcome to our forum here but kindly limited to discussions on archery technical issues, making friends but no chat on illegal activites or those which promote breaking local Malaysian enforcement laws, strictly no selling of illegal items & no illegal advertisement.
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  1. Dato' Sam Cheong Chee Kin says:

    Hi guys, I think this might be a good start for me to pickup archery again since my school days. I ve stop for a number of years.Promoting archery sports in Malaysia is not an easy task,I find it quite difficult to find any archery store around.pls email me any address around KL or Selangor.Tq

  2. Huda says:

    Hi. I’ve always been interested in archery. Tried it at an amusement park quite a while back and really liked it. How do I start this hobby in Malaysia? Anywhere i can start playing on a regular basis and meet people with the same interest?
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Samantha says:

    Hi! I want to learn archery and so does my mum. Are there any clubs or lessons in selangor? I would really apreciate it if you could reply.

    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      HI samantha, how old are you ? Yes you can join our amateur archery club at Bkt Jelutong at Shah alam. Let me know if you are keen.

  4. Samantha says:

    I’m 11 years old.

  5. wan says:

    admin, bkt jelutong got amateur archery club..???

    how to join ??? where to buy complete recurve bow ?

  6. Nizam says:


    I also interested to try archery sport. Is there any archery club in melaka that I can go to and learn how to?. I would like to own a basic set where can I get it in melaka area?

  7. Nizam says:

    Hi, please give me more details about the archery club.

    Thank you.

  8. tay says:

    Hi, i got 2 set of recurve bow. Not being use for more than 10 years…can it still be use? or any recommendation where to repair or service in KL. Many thanks….

  9. afiff says:

    i want to find the recurve bow. where can i buy it?? i need ur help,,

  10. Larry says:

    Hi Guys hey come join us at Bkt Jelutong on Sunday afternoons. Archery is a lovely sport and very healthy (unless you get shot at! haha). Bring along your bow & arrow and join us.

    • donald says:

      Hi Larry ,
      I have been try to find and join the sport of Archery in Malaysia for years now. The info here seem to be very very limited. Could you pls let me have any info such as your club or any other clubs in selangor. I am interested in outdoor achery only. I have seen lots of indoor archery but none outdoor archery which ate open to public. Only for schools or uni.
      Thanks a million


  11. zarul says:

    hi, i wonder if any of u guys know is there any archery shop in Sabah. I want to buy bow for children and target butt.. Thanks

  12. BB Shooter says:

    Hey Larry,
    What’s the address in Bukit Jelutong?

  13. BB Shooter says:

    Any news where in Bukit Jelutong do you guys actually do your activities?

  14. lia says:

    I’m looking forward to play outdoor archery, all these while i’m playing indoor archery and I don’t have my own bow & arrow. Do they rent bow & arrow?

  15. Danial says:

    hi, i was wondering if there are people who are interested in archery and is aiming for a high goal and lives in kelantan. I would like to meet and hopefully train together…

  16. Olivia says:

    Dear Admin,

    Where is the club situated? I have never done archery before and would like to start learning. Please advise.

    Thank you very much.

  17. J.Y.Tan says:

    I would to know how I can involve or try out this sports. I live in Damansara Jaya.

  18. J.Y.Tan says:

    I would to know how I can involve or try out this sports. I live in Damansara Jaya. Petaling Jaya.

  19. David says:

    Can recommend any shops selling archery equipments.I only know Star Sports aka LAsports in Kepong area. want either new or used LEFT HANDED recurve bow set……Aluminium Riser with 20 to 30 lbs Limbs, string and stringer only. Must be a take down type. ( I choose alu riser so can upgrade later if not too expensive ) Price NOT above rm350.00. OR ONLY new or used ALUminium RISER if got. Thanks.

  20. Ying says:

    i’m interested in learning archery. but i don’t know where is Bukit Jelutong, section U8 Shah alam. can i have more details?

  21. calvin says:

    hi guys,i’m Calvin from Multimedia University Archery Club, currently we are trying to establish an archery team, and is it possible for you guys to provide us with a coach? because currently we are training by ourselves and it seems that our progress is not improving….

  22. Paul Tan says:

    Hi , i am very interested in archery can i know where can i learn it in penang ? and probably get some average equipment ?

  23. Imran says:

    Hi admin,
    I own a compound bow and I am desperately looking for a shooting range around my area (shah alam/ subang). You did mention about the range at U8/ Bt Jelutong. Can that be used for compound bow? What is the range? Can you provide me with the location address/ GPS coordinate.

  24. alvin says:

    hey…i want join archery,and i want join competition…where should i start?

  25. alvin says:

    i want to join archery…i also want join competition???where should i start???

  26. Alvin says:

    Hi, Im interested in trying out archery. Can you please send me more information? Thanks.

  27. James says:

    Hi admin, i had been looking for Archery club for long time. May i know where is the exact location where can meet your people? Because i not quite familiar to Bukit Jelutong, section U8 Shah alam. Can i join your club?

  28. brandon says:

    Hi admin.. I am interested in archery as well.. Is it only just sunday that you guys have your activity? Is it open everyday actually? I would like someone to coach me if possible. Hope you will reply soon. Thx.

  29. L says:

    hello i just want to ask where i can attend archery class for 2 weeks only near kajang? this is for my elective subject. it is better if the class end before october so i can present about the class. any suggestions? thanks for helping.

  30. timtum says:

    hi guys.
    i like to try this sport..i dont know anything about this.
    can u guys help me..i staying at jb..any store at jb?

  31. andrew says:

    Hi, Im interested in trying out archery. Can you please send me more information? I stayed in KL, can you please provide more details of the Archery Club in Bukit Jelutong. Thanks.

  32. Andrew says:

    I would like to purchase your bow. Where can I view it in kl?

  33. Valentine says:

    Dear Admin,

    I am struggling to follow your instruction on finding your email address as you have nicely put it as “shown on the top”, where is it?

    Anyway, you have my e-mail address now and should be able to get back to me on my inquiry.

    I am a Sabahan currently working in South Africa. I have taken up Archery here and is seeking your advise on how I can bring my equipments back with me to Malaysia in the future?

    Do I have to join Archery Malaysia as a member before I can do that?

    Do you have any branches in other parts of Malaysia other than the only listed, like in Sabah?

    Looking forward in hearing from you soon.

    Regards, Valentine

  34. Ariff says:

    hi im kind of a beginner. i want to buy a set of begginer archery set and i hope you can help me since i need it. i prefer W&W or Winstar so i hope you can recommend something for me? please email me. tq

  35. Syed Aamir says:

    Dear Admin,

    Me and my wife are interested in joining the archery club.. Can you please provide me details about the membership.. We are living in Damansara.



  36. daniel says:

    hi, I’m interested to know more about archery club in shah Alan, can you please provide more details, if possible I would like to drop by tomorrow and get more info about this sport since I’m staying nearby, thanks

  37. peter says:

    just realized my post is bit unclear i have been an archer in holland for 22 years but since i moved to malaysia i got difficulty finding a place to shoot

  38. Tony says:

    Dear Archers of Malaysia,
    I am about to move from Australia to Penang, Malaysia. Does anyone know if I can bring my Compound bow in with me or is it illegal to own and use one in Malaysia. I would be happy to use it at an archery range and am not really interested in hunting game or anything like that at this point. Is this possible and/or even legal? Thanks so much for any help you can give me as this information seems hard to find.

  39. Ben says:


    I am interested of learning archery. can I know is there any club in KL area?


  40. Naqyuudin says: you sell the archery set?TQ

  41. admin says:

    Hello, no sorry, we dont have crossbow and no recommendation. It’s illegal in Malaysia.

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